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Happy Birthday Mrs. Murphy On Your 114th


On Friday, July 5th, SSA Board Member, James O’Neal, was invited to and attended the 114th birthday celebration for Mrs. Alelia Murphy, a resident of Harlem, New York and the oldest living person in the United States. The event, attended by over 100 people, was held at the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Harlem NY State Office Building Art Gallery on 125th Street in Manhattan. The Birthday Party was sponsored by the African American Caucus of 1199 SEIU (AFRAM) and legislators including State Senator Brian Benjamin.

Alelia Stewart was born on July 6, 1805 in Grifton, North Carolina. She was one of twelve children born to John and Hattie Stewart. She was a studious child, graduated high school and went to local college. Unfortunately, she had to drop out after her sophomore year when her mother became ill and the family could no longer afford tuition. She left North Carolina for Harlem, New York in 1926 – the height of the Harlem Renaissance. Mrs. Murphy's hometown sweetheart, Furd Murphy, followed her to Harlem and they were married in October 1926. Late in their marriage, they had two children Frederick and Rose Anna.

Rose Anna Green, Mrs. Murphy's daughter, and her granddaughter were at the party. Mrs. Green told James O’Neal that her mother has daily home health aids that help her get out of bed about 10:00 each morning. They help her dress, have breakfast, and then a nap. She tries to get outside every day. Mrs. Green has celebrated her mother's 100th, 105th, 111th, and now 114th birthdays. Both she and Mrs. Murphy look forward to celebrating her 115th.

June 6, 2019 – A Conversation About LGBTQ Older Adults: Rights, Needs and Services

An interactive, culturally competent “teach-in” for social workers, older adult service providers, community leaders and older adults sponsored by the State Society on Aging of New York and SAGE. Download the flyer.